Planning the trip… or not

How It All Started

The idea of a European backpacking trip recently became reality when I booked a one-way ticket to Taipei, Taiwan.

I actually had a few months before now to think about planning a solo trip, but I was relatively certain that it wasn’t going to happen unless I bought a one-way ticket to Europe. And sure enough, 3 months later, I had the beginnings of a plan. A very vague plan. As in: “It’s happening… sometime in August. I think.” The trip would include parts of Europe (did I mention it was vague?) for 3-4 weeks, and then I’d fly to Taiwan to visit family with possible side trips to China and Japan, if I wasn’t tired of traveling by then.

Unbeknownst to me, my sister had the same idea of traveling abroad for the summer. Except her trip would start in Russia and end in Southeast Asia with a trip to Taiwan in the middle. After some chats and late-night pondering, I ended up booking a one-way ticket to Taiwan to coincide with my sister’s visit. So here I am, planning a 6-week trip to England, France and Italy.

A few weeks after buying the ticket, I have a general idea of where I’m going in Europe. Start off in Taiwan and fly to London for a few days. Then off to France and Italy for 5 weeks. Then across the pond to the Big Apple for a day or two of sightseeing before flying back to home, sweet home.

Unfortunately, the rest of the tickets haven’t been booked yet. Hopefully, I’ll have the details figured out before I force myself to buy the tickets. Otherwise, I may be staying in Taiwan a bit longer than expected.